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Mary Frances Vookles Pitts




I'm a life long Memphian, and longtime (37 years) member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club of the Memphis Board of Realtors, which was not easy to do when the average house sold for  $60,000.  I sell Downtown, Midtown, East Memphis.....and somewhat beyond.

Always active in my profession and in the community, I graduated from East High School, attended UT/Knoxville, Rhodes College, and later the University of Memphis,in pursuit of a Masters in English & Journalism.  I had been granted an Associated Press internship, and wrote for the old Memphis Press-Scimitar from high school/college and until the birth of my first daughter, Molly Adams, a former Sr Vice-President of Disney.  Then, Betsy Pitts, Atlanta chef/restaurateur/Turner Broadcasting Producer/now Tech/Startup entrepreneur.

I have served on the boards of VECA, my neighborhood association, Concerts International, and now serve as a Eucharist Minister at St Mary's Cathedral, Episcopal, and head up our family's scholarship program for the annual winner of the Brooks Jr Midsouth Art Contest.

My husband is Harmon Dunathan, retired Dean of Academic Studies at Rhodes College.  We have two Dobermans:   Sophie, my assistant and Zeus, my enforcer.


Some history:

For many years, women were not permitted to obtain a real estate license;  later, only if their children were 10 years of age, or older. Those stipulations had just been lifted when I began my real estate career.  There were no mobile phones or even answering machines and of course no internet.  The new listed were posted in catalogs delivered twice a month.......and we all hung out in Board of Realtors parking lot waiting for them to arrive.  

We spent a lot more time with our customers and with each other and eventually learned the things that can't be taught.....that finding the best house for your buyer or preparing, pricing, and selling your listing is just the beginning.

The road to the closing table is paved with challenge. Things can and do go wrong, and  you need an agent who knows how to recognize a developing problem, find the solution and get the transaction to the closing table. That's just what I do, and how I've done it and why I'm still selling AND closing after all these years.