Buyer's Guide
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Buyer’s Guide


  1. Choose an agent whom you can trust…ask your friend’s and business associates who they like.
  2. Choose one that knows the areas you are interested in, and has the time to find you the right home.
  3. Sign a buyer’s agency agreement with that agent so you’ll know that he is representing your interests.
  4. Get pre-qualified for a mortgage...ask you agent who he would recommend. Find out how much you can afford before you start looking. If possible, get a full qualification where you can make an offer without a loan contingency.
  5. is great tool for searching all Memphis area listings. Fine-tune your search criteria as much or as little as you like!
  6. Sign up for our Virtual Agent service, where we will email you listings.
  7. Tell your agent what you like or dislike about every home you see… this will help the agent fine-tune your search.
  8. Prioritize you preferences so that you will recognize the right house when it comes along.
  9. Visit open houses, but always tell the agent on duty immediately who you agent is.