Seller's Guide
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Seller’s Guide

Choosing a Realtor

Do not choose a Realtor based on who tells you the highest price… choose your agent based on the criteria  below, and then decide on price as a team.

1. a personal referral from someone who has used the agent previously
2. who has the best track record of sales.
3. who you can trust to protect your interests
4. which company has the best reputation
5. who has the best marketing plan.

Pricing your home

If you price your home right at or just above market value, you have the best chance of selling your property for the highest price, with the least amount of trouble and in the shortest period of time. Buyers are comparison shoppers and they won’t pay more for your house than they would pay for another similar one. An overpriced house will sit on the market longer and eventually sell for less.

When buyers call for information on a listing, the tend to ask:
1. How much is it?
2. how many square feet?
3. how long has it been on the market?
4. why are they selling?

You should evaluate the list price of your home. If it has not gone under contract after 10 people have looked at it, or within 30 days of listing, whichever comes first.

Competive Market Analysis

Our Realtors can show you:
1. properties on the market that you will be competing with
2. properties that have sold