Showing Checklist
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Showing Checklist


Remember, first impressions are everything!
Clean front door, windows and shutters (repaint if necessary).
Keep the lawn and shrubbery trimmed and well watered (add bedding plants).
Replace torn or missing window screens and splurge on a new doormat.
Wash garage door (repaint if necessary).
Store lawn/gardening equipment out of sight (hose, lawnmowers, rake, etc).
Oil and squeaks.
Clean out gutters.
Keep front of property free of clutter to increase curb appeal.


Arrange furniture so rooms look and feel spacious.
Remove clutter (use your attic if necessary).
Wash all light covers and replace burned out bulbs.
Organize closets to look spacious
Get out the toolbox to tighten door knobs, drawer pulls, and to oil squeaks and hinges
Repair any faucet drips.
Vacuum/sweep/mop often.
Keep temperature comfortable.
Clean and deodorize carpets.
Free home of bad odors (pets and smoke)

Day of Showing

Store all valuables out of sight,
Open shades and draperies.
Turn on all lights.
Store pets safely out of the way.
Cultivate smell appeal (bake cookies, use potpourri).
Put out fresh flowers.
Use your “best” towels, table and bed linens.
Set your table as if you are having a dinner party!