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Deborah Mays




It was predetermined that I would be in the "house business". My grandfather was a carpenter and he and my father built the first house I ever remember living in. It was a lovely one-level rancher commonly referred to  as The Tennessee plan. My father also helped develop the neighborhood I grew up in. He drew house plans for the builder and as children my siblings and I used to sit at his desk playing with his drawing instruments and reading the floor plans of soon to be built houses. My favorite memory is working along side my late father when he was working on a house. He built several homes for himself and either rented or sold them, usually at a considerable profit.

I have been listing and selling homes in the Memphis area for 38 years. There is no teacher like experience in the real estate business. Some of my recent buyers and sellers have provided feedback with affirming recommendations. Read the comments below and call me for all your real estate needs.



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